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West Valley Energy Efficiency Mission

                                       by The American Youth Foundation

The American Youth Foundation, founded by Spencer A. Goldbeck, is on a mission to make the West Valley a more energy efficient place to live for all homeowners. This mission offers homeowners another option to save on their energy bill by giving them an opportunity to get their cooling and heating issues fixed or replaced at no charge.

Services include:

HVAC Tune-up.

Diagnostic test on existing air condition or heat pump.

Filter replacement.

Condenser Coil Cleaning.

Refrigerant charge correction.

Installation of Nest Thermostat.

Installation of Western Cooling Control.

Through your local neighborhoods including: Chatsworth, Woodland hills, Northridge-West, Tarzana, North-Hollywood and Winnetka, homeowners now have a way to cut their energy costs and give back to the environment by having an energy efficient home.


                                                                                         Legal Advisor- Chatsworth local Attorney at Law, R. Grace Rodriguez.

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